Will Asher - nouveau record 2@43' off

Interview du nouveau champion du monde de Slalom


You ran 2@43’off for the second time in your life. How does it feel?

-If feels pretty unreal. I got it 1 time this summer at Travers ski school, and it (the world record score) just didn’t quite work out. At the Swiss tournament everything just came together. I was able to bring my own boat, I had my Malibu there with me, and it just seemed like the right time to “get lucky”. It’s like, “Oh, why can’t you just get around 2@43?” And it’s a funny question, because it’s not that easy.

Is there a small margin of error when running into 43’off?

-Even when running into 41’off it’s very small. Having a crack at the record is one thing, but even getting the opportunity to have that crack at the record by running 41 is pretty special and really hard to do.

How did your 41’ pass feel at the tournament?-The first round I felt amazing until I got to 41, then I messed up at my gate. The second round I made sure I had the right gate and the right speed and just attacked it from the first buoy. I thought, “There’s no way after watching JT and Nate both run 41 before me am I going to be that guy who misses it!” Haha. Like, “NO! I’m gonna run this pass!”

You’ve been skiing pretty unreal towards the end of this season, eh?

We’ve been developing the A3 for quite some time, and in the weeks leading up to Diablo shores we really broke the mold and figured out a few missing links we’d been working on. Since then I’ve been on a roll as my practice average is up unbelievably and even my tournament scores are now better than they’ve ever been.

What were the main changes, besides getting on a new ski, have you made from last year to this year?

I not only looked at my equipment and how I run buoys, but also looked at every part of my life to see if there were places that I could improve (body, mind and training).

Every set has to count; I can’t just go out there and waste a set anymore when I’m in-season. I don’t just go run back-to-backs, I go out there to figure things out and get it done.

What do you see as the next step forward in your own development?

Understanding what it takes to run that kind of a score (running 41), really understanding how the pass changes from 41 to 43. When you can get to 2(at 43), you feel like you can maybe get to 3, and then maybe the pass is possible. Running 43 is definitely not there now and isn’t really around the corner, but it’s something to work towards and that’s my goal.

To run down 43?!?!

It sounds crazy, and it’s not even there yet, so for now I’m happy with getting a piece of 2 and to do it with my boat, my ski, and close to my house....that’s cool!


Since my interview with Will, he continued his roll by winning the Indonesian World Cup in Palembang, Indonesia. This victory also propelled Will to be currently ranked as the #1 slalom skier in the world.

“What an amazing end to a challenging season. Makes all the blood, sweat and tears worth repeating.” –Will Asher.


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