The year of the STRADA

Si vous avez des doutes sur ce que peut apporter le strada en terme de ratio perf / facilité d'accès, lisez ce qui suit, c'est édifiant !


Most of the country saw the year's first signs of summer weather in the past
few weekends. We hope this means your pro shops are filled with the buzz of
slalom skiers hungry for a new stick in 2010. As most of us are just seeing
the signs of winter breaking for spring conditions, many of our dealers in
the South and Southern Hemisphere have seen the new 2010 lineup of RadaR
Skis on the water. Our new Strada is creating quite a stir and is considered
the "Ski of the Year" in early reports. Our Test team has seen many skis on
the water with fantastic results for any level of skier. The demo success
rate of the Strada is like nothing we have ever seen before. This truly is a ski
that is for everyone. It's all the angle and all the speed; all in one ski.
But don't just take our word for it. Below are some emails I have received
in the past few days from some of our Dealer Family that have had the Strada
on the water this month.
We wish you the best in 2010, The Year of the Strada!
Enjoy the Ride,


From Bill Porter:
When Sully, Matt, Rossi and Herb asked me what I wanted from a new high end
slalom reply was simple. Build us a user friendly ski that a
customer can take out with a stock setup, and feel very comfortable on it
right away and come back with a "smile" on their face. It needs to be user
friendly so skiers coming off a wide variety of skis can get on it and feel
comfortable right away....and not feel they have to "change their style" to
use it.
Having demo'd the ski for the past 45 days, our response to the Strada has
been extremely positive and this has translated to sales.
And as the word gets out, and people start to see others skiing really well
on the ski (i.e ROSSI / Larkin & others) I feel that momentum for the Strada
will continue to grow.
Smiles in effect...Mission accomplished...
Bill Porter


Performance Ski and Surf
From Tadd Shreiber and an H2Osmosis customer:
Hey Tadd,
The Strada ROCKS and is the real deal! I was simply amazed at how well this
ski holds its speed. Also, noticed I was able to keep a much more consistent
tension on the line (without even having to consciously think about
counter-rotation). I'm fired up to get back out there, and feel that I can
really grow into this ski.
Thanks for your guidance.

From Jay Bennett at Bennett's Ski School and Pro Shop
Hi Sully,
Just want to give you a quick report on demoing the new Strada here at ski
school. In the last 2 weeks I have had 6 students demo the Strada. I have
no negative reports towards it and everyone's feedback was very positive and
resulted in sales of 3 skis. I thought this was some information you
would be interested in.
Keep up the good work,
Jay Bennett

From Miami Ski Nautique:
The Strada has made my skiing much more consistent simply because of how
easy it is to ride. No matter what the conditions are, I always hold a good
edge and a fast line across course. The RS-1 was great, but the Strada is a
huge improvement with its new bevel design and cleaner rocker line and
sidecut. It¹s a great ski for skiers of almost any level because it offers a
great combination of speed and stability. Radar really raised the bar big
time this year when they went to the design table and created the Strada!
Lou Thomas
Pro Shop Manager
Miami Ski Nautique

From Duncan Hancock, New Zealand Distribution:
Team Radar has created the most useable ski in current times.
From Pro Team skier to open water carver - this shape has it all! The buzz
around this ski and the performance levels from the skiers, all point in one
direction. It is the SKI to have this season. Performance levels of the
skiers I work with here in New Zealand have ramped up this season. Those
skiing on the STRADA have noticed a massive difference and improvement this
year. Aaron Larkin's performance level in pre season training has been
second to none. I have no doubt that him moving to the Strada helped him in
securing his first Major Pro title and becoming the first KIWI ever to win
Moomba in its 50 year history.
If you are unsure, Just ride it!
Duncan Hancock
DV8 Distribution, New Zealand

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